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Tuesday 21 May 2024
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You can usually locate any South Burnett medical or health service very easily through the Google site search box which appears in the upper left corner of every page our site. Just type what you're looking for and click the "Search" button or press your Enter or Return key.

You can also quickly find all the medical and health services in the region by their category (each of which is explained below).

Just click on any search you'd like to make to view the results.

Medical Services
Chiropractors diagnose and treat patients with health problems of the musculoskeletal system. Many chiropractic treatments deal specifically with the spine and the manipulation of the spine.
Community Health
Community Health Services provide a range of no-cost or low-cost health services for communities. Some specialise in particular areas of work (eg: child health, mental health)
Dental Surgeons
Dental surgeons are dental specialists and they perform dental surgery that's usually outside the work that family dentists perform. This can include major dental and jaw surgery; root canal work; and implants.
Dentists perform common dental work including fillings; extractions; routine dental check-ups and maintenance; tooth whitening; and related services. Some also provide denture services.
Eye Specialists
Eye specialists perform work that's usually outside the cope of work that retail optometrists perform. This can include laser surgery, cataract removal and other surgical procedures involving a patient's eyesight.
GPs (often called doctors or family doctors) perform a wide range of common medical services and are usually the first port of call if you're feeling ill. They can usually treat common ailments on the spot and can refer patients on to specialists for the treatment of uncommon ailments.
The South Burnett is served by several private hospitals (run by Queensland Health) and a private hospital. The public hospitals provide accident and emergency services as well as live-in residential care.
Naturopathy is an alternative medical system that focuses on natural remedies and the body's vital ability to heal and maintain itself. Naturopathic philosophy favors a holistic approach and minimal use of surgery and drugs, and embraces such things as acupuncture; diet and lifestyle advice; and homeopathy.
Nursing Services
The South Burnett is serviced by the Blue Care Nursing Service. They offer (amongst other things) at-home nursing support services including in-home respite services; and a respite centre for disabled youth, the frail aged and dementia sufferers.
Optometrists provide routine eye health services including vision testing and the prescription of glasses; or the replacement of glasses. They may refer patients with more advanced eye health needs on to ophthalmic specialists.
Pathology Services
Pathology services provide testing services (usually blood testing) for the detection of disease and/or the elimination of particular types of ailments from a diagnosis. Most pathology testing is made by a referral from a GP, and is most commonly done in advance of a diagnosis.
Retail pharmacies fill prescriptions made by GPs or medical specialists. They also dispense common medicines for common ailments without prescription (eg: cold and flu remedies etc). Most also carry a wide range of dietary and health supplements (eg: vitamins) and common medical devices (eg: pill splitters).
Physiotherapists provide services to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability to people whose movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors.
Podiatry is a branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Podiatry is practised as a specialty in Australia, and practitioners used to be known as chiropodists.
Psychologists treat common mental disorders (such as neurosis, addiction and similar issues) through counselling in a clinical environment. They differ from psychiatrists who are medical practitioners with advanced degrees and who often use drugs in the treatment of mental illnesses.
Radiologists provide X-ray services for the detection of disease and/or the elimination of particular types of ailments from a diagnosis. Most radiological services are made by a referral from a GP or hospital, and they're most commonly done in advance of a diagnosis.
Speech Pathology
Speech pathologists (sometimes called speech therapists) assess, diagnose, treat, and help prevent disorders related to speech, language, cognitive communication, voice, swallowing, and fluency. This can include problems like stuttering; recovery of speech after a stroke; and many other voice-related issues.


Health Services
Aged Care
Aged Care services include retirement homes, nursing homes and live-in residential care facilities, as well as Government-funded agencies and not-for-profit groups who assist aged people and and/or help locate appropriate care for them.
Alcohol Rehabilitation
Alcohol and drug rehabilitation services are available to South Burnett residents.
Alternative Health
Alternative Health services include natural therapists; holistic health practitioners; Bowen therapists; reflexology practitioners; and health supplement providers.
Child Care
The South Burnett has a wide range of child care services available including kindergartens; pre-school carte facilities; before and after-school care programmes; and playgroups.
Community Centres
Community Centres generally provide free advice about health service facilities available in the immediate area or the region. Some focus on specific areas, while others are more general.
Counsellors provide assistance with a range of common problems including grief; anxiety; depression; relationships; sexual and physical abuse; stress; parenting; and family conflicts.
Gymnasiums run regular health and exercise programs for people who'd like to stay fit and/or lose weight; as well as provide exercise equipment for those who like to stay in shape.
Health Food
Health food suppliers offer a wide range of foods, dietary supplements and vitamins designed to enhance health.
Invalid Equipment
Invalid equipment suppliers sell (and often service) a range of specialist medical equipment used by the general public. These can include such things as ride-on scooters; first aid boxes; air ionisers; wheelchairs; crutches; guide dogs; and hearing aids.
Massage Therapy
The South Burnett has a large number of massage therapists who offer massage for deep tissue relaxation; to assist with recovery from sporting injuries or other injuries; and for the relief of aching joints and muscles. Many also practice specialised massage disciplines such as Bowen therapy and reflexology.
Meals On Wheels
The South Burnett has many Meals On Wheel Services, but they're all co-ordinated through one central agency in Kingaroy.
Respite Care
The South Burnett has several respite care services which allow families and carers to take a brief break from their everyday responsibilities looking after ill loved ones.
Self Help Groups
The South Burnett has several self-help groups which focus on helping their members deal with the problems caused by specific health conditions.
Youth Services
The South Burnett also has a number of youth services which offer either activities for young people; or help for young people experiencing difficulties.


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